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Gillian Jones
| Director
P G Cert Counselling
Dip Teaching

Change by Design is an agile organisational development company focused on bringing practical, innovative and tailored solutions to our clients.  We bring a unique combination of services.  Along with our expertise in  adding value to organisations and individuals through focusing on Development, Retention and Transition issues, we have capability in enterprise-wide financial management, governance and risk management.

Change by Design is led by two directors, Gillian Jones and Tina Cornelius.  

Gillian Jones, brings more than 20 years experience working with organisations and with individuals to facilitate growth and change.

Gillian Jones was recognised with the HRINZ HR Specialist of the Year 2011 Finalist with Distinction award



Recent Work

Career Decision Programmes

Senior employees in a large organisation whose roles were affected by restructuring were provided with individual Career Decision programmes, assisting clarification of the type of role 
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Change Management Workshops

A Government Agency recently offered Change workshops to employees affected by a restructure. These enabled participants to understand the nature of change, the different ways
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Team Building

Team building workshops using Myers Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI) are currently enabling newly formed teams in a large Government Department to identify how they can work
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